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" In any type of photography project we believe that you should always have fun ..."

We enjoy using lifestyle photography to capture your needs.  Lifestyle photography is a style of photography that combines the best of two distinctly different traditions. Lifestyle blends the candid nature of photojournalism with the preparedness of studio portraiture. We achieve ‘a day in the life’ look with an editorial quality. Using lifestyle photography we tell a story about people in their environment in a natural, energetic, authentic way. The images may resemble snapshots, but everything from the lighting to location and styling details are deliberately thought out to support a certain mood. There is arranging involved but not over-staging. If something looks too perfect, it does not come off as real. Another emphasis of lifestyle photography is to capture natural reactions of and interaction between its subjects. After all, that energy is at the heart of what we want to remember about our life, relationships, and events at any given time.

If you would prefer to do posed photographs, we will do it with pleasure.

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